Take the hassle out of selling your car at the end of your lease

Let us do the end-of-lease legwork for you, with our Vehicle Disposal Program. We’ll prepare your car for sale and ensure a smooth transition into your new car for $275*.

Things you need to know


What's covered

What's in it for you

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End-to-end vehicle sales service

Drive your vehicle until the end of the lease. You are in control - coordinate the sale of your current vehicle with the pick-up of your new vehicle.

Get peace of mind at the end of your lease for $275.


Inspection service comes to you and includes professionally taken photos of your car and a full vehicle inspection report.

Available nationally.

Concierge service

Concierge service throughout the selling process includes vetting of prospective buyers, managing prospective buyer expectations, and regular updates to you.

You are up to date with what happens throughout the entire process.

Auction or Fixed Price

Vehicle sold through a combination of dealer auctions websites. There is also a fixed price option available so you keep control.

You make the final decision around price acceptance.

Free listing

There are no listing fees as part of the selling process, auction, or fixed price services.

All included as part of the program.


Membership transferable to the new lease, should you decide to refinance the same vehicle and extend the lease. 

No additional outlay should you extend the lease. You keep the benefit.

Inspection service

Take a look at a sample of the professional photographs and inspection report that you’ll receive:

*Terms and conditions apply

Full sample report and photographs

Vehicle Disposal Program - Terms and Conditions