Salary package and save with these benefits

To find out which of the following benefits are available to you, speak with a Selectus consultant or your employer.

  • Motor vehicles

    Save thousands by salary packaging a car, paying a significant portion of your finance and running costs using pre-tax dollars.

    • Convenient car-buying service – we do the legwork for you
    • Save on fuel, insurance, servicing, insurance and registration
  • Superannuation

    Super is an important consideration at every life stage. Salary packaging your super contributions could help you achieve your goals faster.

    • Save for your first home faster with the First Home Super Saver Scheme >
    • Pay significantly less tax on pre-tax super contributions and build your nest egg faster.
    • 2018/19 FY concessional contribution limit: $25,000
  • Portable electronic devices

    Salary package the cost of renting or purchasing personal electronic devices you use mostly for work and save!

    • Includes laptops, tablets and mobile phones
    • Your GST is refunded so you automatically save an extra 10%
  • Remote area benefit

    Access FBT exemptions through salary packaging if you work in an area classified by the ATO as remote. Eligible expenses include:

    • Rent or mortgage
    • Household utilities
    • Holiday travel 

Additional information sheets

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