Add insurance and services to your novated lease

Drive with ease, for less - talk to us about a tailored package for you and your car.

Whether it’s business as usual or when life doesn’t go to plan, you'll enjoy complete peace of mind with a novated lease salary package.

Save on services that come standard with your lease, or choose extra servicing and insurance options. You don’t need to worry about a thing – we take care of everything, at a lower cost.

The essentials

  • Selectus Roadside Assistance

    We’ll be there to help in no more than 45 minutes away with Selectus Roadside Assistance. 

    • 24 hours, nationwide
    • Less than $2 per fortnight
    • No joining fee
  • Fuel Cards

    We’ll provide you with a convenient fuel card, allowing you to fill up with ease with no out-of-pocket expenses and no time-consuming, manual claims.  

    • You’ll have flexibility and convenience with over 2,400 petrol stations across Australia 
    • Includes BP, Shell, Liberty and Coles Express
  • Vero Comprehensive Insurance

    Comprehensive Vero insurance doesn’t just cover your car – it also covers travel and accommodation, lease payouts, lost keys and if your car needs to be towed.

    • All drivers are covered, regardless of age, insurance or driving experience
    • You’ll receive new for new replacement in the event of total loss
    • Rest easy, with lifetime guarantee on all repairs

Have complete peace of mind...

  • Loan Protection Insurance

    Feel ready for the unexpected events in life, with options to hand your vehicle back and/or claim relief for up to six months' payment. Bundle it all into your novated lease salary package and feel at ease. Includes:

    • Involuntary unemployment
    • International job transfer
    • Disability
  • Platinum Warranty Insurance

    You could save thousands in mechanical repairs by extending your manufacturer's warranty for up to seven years.

    • Choose from a variety of options based on your driving patterns
    • You’ll have a choice of MTAA authorised service centres
    • Covers most items in the original warranty
  • Tyre & Wheel Insurance

    Avoid expensive repairs and replacement costs and cover your tyres for one or three years. We also include towing your car to a place of safety or the nearest repairer.

    • Covers two tyres and one wheel per year
    • No excess payable
    • One-off premium
  • Total Assist Insurance

    In the event your vehicle is declared a total loss, Total Assist helps cover the costs of replacing your vehicle, as well as personal items (like laptops and mobile phones).

    • Receive up to 5-years protection
    • You’ll get a cash benefit of up to $5,000
    • No excess, one upfront premium
  • Protection Packs

    Keep your car looking brand-new and reduce your cleaning costs with our high-performance vehicle protection solutions. They’re designed to provide premium protection for all surfaces and fabrics.

    • Select from a choice of five protection packs, including Window Film
    • Ask us about satnav, Bluetooth hands-free connectivity and other additional options
  • Small Damage Repair (SDR+)

    You can enjoy unlimited, fixed-price repairs on minor damage like tiny dings and scratches to keep your vehicle looking brand new, inside and out.

    • There is no insurance excess, no quotes, and no queues
    • Standard inclusions such as repairs to painted body, alloy wheels, interior, windscreen, and glass
    • You’ll receive a 3-year warranty on all repairs
    • When you choose our Go To You® mobile service pack, this option is also available with Roadside Assistance.
  • Vehicle Disposal Program

    Make the move into your next car a seamless one with our professional vehicle sales service. While we do the legwork, you’re kept fully informed, right down to having the final say on the sale price of your car.

    • Includes inspection report, professional photography, full sales service
    • ​Sale is arranged through our professional auction network