Enjoy the benefits of salary sacrifice


There are so many benefits of salary sacrifice. At Selectus, we call it salary packaging, and it can help you save on costs in areas you might not have even considered. From novated leases and running costs on a vehicle, to superannuation, electronic devices, work-related travel and more, salary packaging can make a real difference when it comes to paying for those everyday expenses.

The type of organisation you work for determines what benefits you are eligible to salary package. To confirm what benefits are available to you, simply contact us.

Some of the more popular benefits of salary sacrifice (or salary packaging) are summarised below. Select your sector from the 'Salary Packaging' menu for information sheets relevant to your organisation.

  • Motor vehicles

    Save thousands by salary packaging a car, paying a significant portion of your finance and running costs using pre-tax dollars.

    • Convenient car-buying service – we do the legwork for you
    • Save on fuel, insurance, servicing, insurance and registration
  • Capped benefits

    Receive a 47% rebate on the Fringe Benefits Tax incurred on salary packaged expenses, capped at $30,000 per year.

    • Eligible items include mortgage, rent, credit card repayments, school fees, and household expenses
  • Superannuation

    Super is an important consideration at every life stage. Salary packaging your super contributions could help you achieve your goals faster.

    • Save for your first home faster with the First Home Super Saver Scheme >
    • Pay significantly less tax on pre-tax super contributions and build your nest egg faster.
    • 2018/19 FY concessional contribution limit: $25,000
  • Portable electronic devices

    Salary package the cost of renting or purchasing personal electronic devices you use mostly for work and save!

    • Includes laptops, tablets and mobile phones
    • Your GST is refunded so you automatically save an extra 10%
  • Remote area benefit

    Access FBT exemptions through salary packaging if you work in an area classified by the ATO as remote. Eligible expenses include:

    • Rent, residential property purchase, mortgage interest
    • Household utilities
    • Holiday travel 
  • Work-related self-education expenses

    Make work-related self-education more affordable, allowing you to get the qualifications you need to get ahead.

    • Maintain or improve skills and knowledge required for your job
    • Eligible expenses include course fees, text books and stationery
  • Income protection insurance

    Protect your future for less by salary packaging income protection insurance.

    • Save up to 46.5% on your premium
    • Applies to new or exisiting policies


  • Work-related travel

    If you work for an eligible employer, you may be able to salary package the cost of expenses incurred while travelling for work, including:

    • Meal and accommodation expenses
    • Public transport, air travel, taxi fares, and short-term car hire   
  • Professional memberships and subscriptions

    Get the benefit of income tax deductions faster by salary packaging professional memberships and subscriptions.

    • Reduce the cost of membership to industry organisations
    • Stay ahead with subscriptions to industry news services and magazines 
  • Work-related home office expenses

    Save on the set-up of your home office, salary packaging items that relate entirely to your work.

    • Eligible items include furniture, stationery and software
    • A computer - either purchased or rented (if over $300 in value)
  • Interest on investment loans

    Easily vary your PAYG tax instalment deductions by packaging deductible expenses such as investment loan interest payments.

    • Salary package the interest on a new or existing investment loan/s
    • Must relate to Australian investments, for example shares or property