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You work hard for your money. We work hard to make your money work for you. As specialists in salary packaging for government, education and private industries, we can help you lower your taxable income, save on tax, and keep more money in your pocket.

What is salary packaging?

Salary packaging is also known as salary sacrifice, and it’s a concept that allows employees to ‘sacrifice’ part of their salary for other benefits of the same value. Whether you opt for salary packaging your superannuation, your car, or other benefits, these benefits come out of your pre-tax salary, so you’re paying less tax on what you’re earning, and getting more for your money.

Save thousands with a Selectus salary package. 

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  • Salary package for every day savings

    With over twenty years’ in salary packaging, we're trusted to help over 20,000 employees get more out of what they earn. From getting into a new car or laptop, to minimising out-of-pocket costs for work-related or everyday expenses, we’re dedicated to setting up a package that saves you money.

  • Novated leasing made easy

    Owning and running a car is more affordable with Selectus. Not only can we save you thousands on the purchase price, but you'll also make tax savings on your running costs for the life of the lease. And with all your costs bundled together, you make just one payment on payday and we take care of the rest.